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Last original lab renovated

The last of the “original” labs in Dorothy Roebling Building is under full renovation. The former lab of Dick Lee has been totally demolished and the interior walls have been removed to make the space a single open space.  In order to retain the low ceiling which conceals ductwork and piping, a 26 foot long 12 inch wide  laminated beam is being installed to support the high sidewall.

Harry Carter adjusts the fit of the laminate beam.

Harry Carter adjusts the fit of the laminate beam.

Completion of this project is planned for October 2015.  The renovated space will be occupied by new faculty member, Julia Diaz.


“Modena” strikes oil

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACatherine Edwards’s AUV “Modena” was sent out into the Gulf of Mexico last month as part of the ECOGIG (Ecosystem Impacts of Oil & Gas Inputs to the Gulf) research project to study the long-term effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the Gulf ecosystem. Modena found oil, but not in the way Catherine or anyone else expected. When the research team recovered Modena they discovered her fabric skin was covered with dark blotches. At first the team thought it was some sort of algae. Closer examination revealed the spots were created by oil droplets in the water.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

SkIO REU student wins award

For the third year in a row, Marc Frischer’s lab has produced the “Best Student Presentation” award winner in Savannah State University’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. student working in Marc Frischer’s lab won the best student presentation award.Molly Bassett (left) with SSU REU coordinator Tara Cox.

Molly Bassett (left) with SSU REU coordinator Tara Cox.

Molly Basset is a student at the University of Kansas.  Her project was titled “Identification of the Causal Agent of Black Gill in Commercially Important White Shrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus) in Coastal Georgia Waters through Molecular Methods.” Ashleigh Price was her primary mentor.  As a result of her summer research she was able to obtain the complete sequence of the shrimp Black Gill ciliate’s 18S rRNA gene which supported its identification as an apostome ciliate.

New faces at Skidaway Institute

We have three new faces at Skidaway Institute.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJack Van Dyke is the new cook on the R/V Savannah. Jack came to Skidaway from  Mission Viejo, Calf.  He has been cooking on boats for nearly 30 years for as many as 149 passengers. For nearly 20 years Jack worked for Dana Wharf Sport Fishing & Whale Watching as cook and captain on vessels from 45 to 95 feet. He is also an A.C.S. Naturalist and has held a USCG 100 ton Captain’s license for 13 years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKate Doyle is a new research professional in Bill Savidge’s lab, but she’s not new to Skidaway Institute.  Back in 2002-2003, she was the lab manager for Keith Maruya’s environmental chemistry lab, and also did some “free-lance” technician work for Dana Savidge from 2008-2010. She earned her master’s degree in 2007 from UGA in marine science. She had spent the most recent five years as a marine science technician at Savannah State University before re-joining Skidaway in June.  Kate says,  “I’m enjoying being back out at Skidaway, and I love seeing familiar faces after all these years!”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChristina Codden is a new UGA Ph.D. graduate student in Aron Stubbins lab. She recently finished her undergraduate studies with a biology major and chemistry minor from St. Catherine University, an all-women’s university in Minnesota. “I’m excited to leave snowy winters behind and start research here on riverine dissolved organic matter,” Christina said. “Outside of science, some of my interests include volleyball, playing the cello and oil painting.”

Savidge lab interns wrap up summer projects

Three summer interns from Dana Savidge’s lab completed their summer research internship by presenting a seminar on with a seminar on Friday, August 31st.

l-r) Liz Hughes, Dana Savidge, Danny Stouffer and Brianna Pierce.  Danny is holding an open ROV he built.

l-r) Liz Hughes, Dana Savidge, Danny Stouffer and Brianna Pierce.
Danny is holding an open ROV he built.

Danny Stouffer discussed “Intermediate Wave Characteristics and Open ROV.”  Danny returned to St. Mary’s College in Maryland.

Brianna Pierce, a rising sophomore at the University of New Haven, presented “Waves 2005-2010, Various Spots Around the US Coast.”

Liz Hughes’s presentation was “Data Analysis of Chlorophyll Levels in Response to Fall Weather in the South Atlantic Bight.”  Liz is a rising sophomore chemistry major at UGA.