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UGA grad students solicit citizen-scientists help to track invasive seaweed

Two UGA grad students working in the Byers Lab at Priest Landing are asking citizen- scientists to help them track invasive seaweed. Kaitlin Kenney and Linsey Haram devised the project that asks visitors to the Jay Wolf Nature Trail dock to take pictures of the shoreline and post them on social media.

“We hope citizen scientist will to assist our lab in tracking the fine scale changes in abundance of Gracilaria vermiculophylla, an invasive seaweed to the Georgia coast,” Kaitlin said. “They will take a photo of the sandbar site using the bracket to ensure that every picture is from the same angle and then post the pictures with a specific hashtag to social media sites or by emailing their pictures to us. Once collected, the pictures create a time-lapse image of the selected site.”Dock poster W

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