New grad student in Harvey lab

Sean Anderson is a newly arrived UGA Ph.D. student in Liz Harvey’s lab.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASean grew up in the small, coastal town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. After earning his B.S. in biology at Old Dominion University, he returned to Maine to work as a research technician at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.

“That’s where I discovered my true passion — plankton ecology,” Sean said. “It blew my mind. I could not believe such a spectacular and complex microscopic world exists.”

Captivated by this new field, Sean enrolled at the University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography and completed his master’s degree in oceanography, studying the growth, grazing and starvation capacity of marine plankton.

“My experiences in oceanography have been unforgettable, allowing me to study plankton in many different ecosystems across the world, from Narragansett Bay to the Antarctic,” he said. “I have a strong desire to continue researching these microscopic organisms, as there is still much to learn about their ecology and physiology.

“I am excited to become part of the UGA community and contribute to the oceanographic research being conducted at Skidaway Institute.”

When he is not in the lab studying plankton, he spends his time playing basketball, cooking and exploring the outdoors.


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