Southside Fire says “Don’t call 911 from campus!”

Chuck Hartman passed this column on to us. It is from Southside Fire Department Chief Wendell Pendleton and applies to the Skidaway Campus.

SSFD Update

By Wendell Pendleton

Southside Fire Chief


Does that number look familiar? You know you’ve seen it before. I try to work it into every article I write, as have all the chiefs before me. We’ve handed it out on refrigerator magnets, stickers, nifty flashlights, and just about every other way we can think of short of carpet bombing the island with leaflets, and then we shoot ourselves in the foot.

Southside hired a new CEO, and in the latest quarterly SSFD subscriber newsletter he made a comment about dialing 911 in Chatham County. Aaarrrgh. A resident here pointed it out, and after a quick run up all the way to the President of the SSFD Board of Directors, I think SSFD will reword that part of the newsletter in the future.

If didn’t catch that in the newsletter, please don’t go looking for it. If you did see it, please listen to me and ignore that part of it. If you need emergency services, dial 355-6688, not that other number.

Would you like a reason you shouldn’t call those other three numbers? A month or so ago, we documented a call for a house being on fire, and the neighbor used her cell phone to call 911. She lived on the south part of the island, and her phone picked up a cell tower in Richmond Hill, so she was connected to Bryan County 911. They probably still are looking for the street address. When you dial directly into our dispatch center, the person who answers the phone is the same person who will dispatch an ambulance or a firetruck. Routing a call through the municipal system, by definition, cannot be that efficient.


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