R/V Savannah Crew Updates

by John Bichy

John Bichy

John Bichy

Following Michael Richter’s retirement as marine superintendent in late March, the ship has undergone a significant transformation.

First, the ship’s first mate John Bichy was hired as the new marine superintendent. John made the full transition to his new position on June 1st.  His first priority was to stabilize the crew and fill the vacant marine tech, engineer and first mate positions with qualified personnel.

Zach Tait

Zach Tait

In May, Zach Tait joined the crew as the new marine technician.  Zach was a fill-in tech for two years when he previously worked at Skidaway Institute under Aron Stubbins and, more recently, as a self-employed farmer in his home state of North Carolina. Zach’s strong scientific background, combined with his electrical and mechanical skills give him all the tools required to lead the science capabilities on the ship.

Terrell Scarboro

Terrell Scarboro

The ship’s second mate, Terrell Scarboro, was offered the full-time engineer position. Terrell served as the fill-in engineer for more than five months. He brings a strong mechanical skill set, a positive attitude and maturity to this important role on the ship.

This move opened up the second mate position, which was quickly filled with the rehiring of Jordan Solomon.

Jordan Solomon

Jordan Solomon

Jordan was a crew member for two years before he departed last July. We feel lucky to have Jordan back. He is a hard worker and well respected by fellow crew and ship users.

Last but not least, Skidaway Institute hired another former employee Sean McNulty as first mate.

Sean McNulty

Sean McNulty

Sean left Skidaway in 2011 for a chief mate position on the UNOLS ship R/V Hugh Sharp. Sean is the ultimate professional who brings years of experience operating and maintaining large ships.

After months of uncertainty the ship’s crew is finally stable and one that is as strong as ever.



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