Grad student Lixin Zhu joins Stubbins lab

Lixin Zhu wLixin Zhu has joined the Skidaway Institute family as a joint-Ph.D. student in Aron Stubbins’s group.

Lixin received his bachelor’s degree from the Ocean University of China, in Qingdao, China, majoring in marine ecology and marine life science. Lixin is now a Ph.D. student at the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC), East China Normal University, in Shanghai. Lixin will be at Skidaway for two years, after which he will return to SKLEC to get complete his Ph.D. degree.

Lixin’s doctoral thesis focuses on the losses of the dissolved organic matter as it transits from rivers to the open ocean. He will quantify concentrations of dissolved black carbon and lignin and their loss rates in waters from the Yangtze River and East China Sea, as well as within Georgia estuaries.


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