MAREX participates in CoastFest, Gulfstream Day

Aquarium curators, Devin Dumont and Lisa Olenderski along with Georgia Sea Grant Interns, represented UGA MAREX at CoastFest 2014 held in Brunswick in early October.

CoastFest is an annual free admission festival run by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to celebrate the nation’s waters and shorelines, and showcases over 80 exhibitors involved in environmental education, research, conservation, recreation, and resources. UGA MAREX educated fair-goers on the biology and life history of marine animals with a variety of live touch tank animals, animal models and seashells.

MAREX has participated in the annual event since the first Fest 20 years ago. This year’s event was attended by 9,594 people.

Also, on October 11, Mare Timmons along with Georgia Sea Grant interns Maeve Snyder, Beth Smith and Cara Lin participated in the Gulfstream Family Day.Gulfstream Families of Gulfstream employees stopped by the UGA tables and displays to learn about coastal Georgia. Children and adults were able to touch models and specimens of important species like the horseshoe crab, sea turtles, and invasive mussels. This unique opportunity allowed Gulfstream family members outside of Georgia, to become aware of the native and invasive species that live in and around coastal Georgia’s local marine ecosystems. The event serves as one of the methods in which MAREX extends the resources and knowledge of the University to the community at large. Over 10,000 people attend the annual event.


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