Aron Stubbins publishes multiple papers

SkIO’s Aron Stubbins has a number of new publications.

Productivity from the glacier grant. Aron is the lead PI. This is the grant page.

Spencer, R.G.M., Weidong, G., Raymond, P., Dittmar, T., Hood, E. Fellman, J., Stubbins, A. (2014) Source and biolability of ancient dissolved organic matter in glacier and lake ecosystems on the Tibetan Plateau. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. doi:

Fellman, J., Spencer, R.G.M., Stubbins, A., Raymond, P.A., Hood, E. (2014) Watershed glacier coverage influences dissolved organic matter biogeochemistry in coastal watersheds of southeast Alaska. Ecosystems. doi:

Spencer, R.G.M., Vermilyea, A., Fellman, J., Raymond, P., Stubbins, A., Scott, D., Hood, E. (2014) Seasonal variability of organic matter composition in glacier outflow: insights into glacier carbon sources. Environmental Research Letters. doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/9/5/055005.

Also, a collaboration with GSU Assistant Professor John Van Stan to discern the role of trees in the cycling of dissolved organic matter.

Van Stan, J.T., Stubbins, A., Bittar, T., Reichard, J.S., Wright, K.A., Jenkins, R.B. (2014) Tillandsia usneoides (L.) L. (Spanish moss) water storage and leachate characteristics from two maritime oak forest settings. Ecohydrology. doi:

The following paper provides new insights into the nature and chemistry of oceanic dissolved organic matter published as part of a project Aron led at Old Dominion University and is now wrapping up. Hongmei Chen (lead author) graduated this fall from ODU.

Chen, H., Stubbins, A., Perdue, E.M., Green, N.W., Helms, J.R., Mopper, K., Hatcher, P.G. (2014) Ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometric differentiation of dissolved organic matter isolated by coupled reverse osmosis-electrodialysis from various major oceanic water masses. Marine Chemistry. doi: 


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