Campus Classifieds

Medium and large free range eggs for sale!

Our ladies lead very happy lives foraging grass, clover and insects in our backyard. We supplement their grazing with all-natural grain and do not offer them medicated feed or growth hormones.

$2 for a half dozen eggs chosen randomly from Ameraucana, Barred Rock, Golden Comet and Speckled Sussex breeds.

For those of you interested in raising your own chickens or perhaps adding birds to your existing flock, our Speckled Sussex rooster, Lord Tyrian, would be happy to offer his services. Incubation is 21-23 days. $3 straight run chicks or $5 sexed at 4 weeks.

Email or call Larsen

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Introductory offer for all Skidaway campus employees, friends and family — 50% off all services for the first visit.

We are a new full-service salon. All our stylists have more than 20 years experience.

Take advantage of our offer if you are looking for a modern, relaxed and talented atmosphere. We are very competitively priced. For an appointment or any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

(912) 201-1026
8610 White Bluff Rd. (just south of Montgomery Crossroad, across from K-Mart parking lot)

Facebook — Christopher George’s Salon, local business

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This large, chalet-style vacation home is located on Cold Mountain (of book and movie fame), near Waynesville, NC.Picture1

It is very spacious and has a fantastic view. It is an excellent location for a multi-family get together.The home is owned by Mike Sullivan’s sister-in-law, Barbara Bishop.

For further information, contact Mike Sullivan at 484-2622 and/or go to for additional information, including photos, rates and availability.



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