Skidaway scientists join COAST-UGA project

SkIO scientists Catherine Edwards, Bill Savidge and Aron Stubbins have joined other UGA faculty on an initiative to coordinate strategies for several large proposal calls having to do with sustainability and interdisciplinary science.

The project is titled “COAST-UGA: Coastal Ocean Advances in Sustainability and Technology at UGA,” and is funded by a $50,000 grant from the UGA Office of the Vice President for Research.

The team also includes UGA faculty Brock Woodson, Jenna Jambeck, Jason Christian, Ke Li, Mandy Joye, Christof Meile and Renato Castelao.

According to the proposal, COAST-UGA will focus on designing the next generation of tools and technologies to address emerging coast threats; training the next generation of scientists and engineers to tackle sustainability issues; and providing an infrastructure to catalyze cross-disciplinary research collaborations. In addition, the initiative will integrate stakeholders and decision makers to provide decision-relevant information and involve educators, underrepresented groups and the public through interactive resources.


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