Wrona Meadows participates in TNC learning exchange conference

Amanda Wrona Meadows recently organized, facilitated, and participated in a learning exchange conference focused on The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) global marine strategies.   The Marine Aggregation is a meeting of The Nature Conservancy’s marine staff and partners that takes place about every three years. This year, almost 200 staff and partners, representing over 15 countries and all U.S. coastal states, gathered at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Calf.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA for a robust exchange of ideas and solutions among our growing marine community.

Participants celebrated, shared and learned ways to TNC’s work; participated in plenaries, sessions and networking discussions to better understand and contribute to TNC’s global marine strategies; and exchanged ideas and experiences around the necessary science, practice, policies, communications and partnerships for conservation success.

The meeting was a mixture of engaging plenaries, group workshops and concurrent sessions organized around three Global Marine Strategies: Ocean Solutions – Integrated Ocean Management, Sustainable Fisheries, Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction, with the fourth session – Expanding Our Practice – designed to cut across the three strategies.

To learn more about the conference, watch recorded plenaries, or read about sessions, you can visit the Conservation Gateway Web site.  

To learn more about all of TNC Global Priorities including how and where TNC is focused on our global oceans, visit this site : https://www.conservationgateway.org/TNC/GlobalPriorities/Pages/default.aspx


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